Sunday, 6 March 2011

Mycoplasma hair loss - TrichoZed - How To Cure Hair Loss and Hair Fall

Today I discovered mycoplasma (vagina). E-rkata said that is carried by domestic animals (through their hair) or sexually. My friend had a cat - very. scruffy looking at her, no wonder then I feel it. Now it will investigate, but he has no complaints. The thing is that ginekolozhkata (very knowledgeable and experienced is a thoughtful man, and radiant) said that this is causing my hair creeping - and in animals and humans!? I read on the net for animals - 100%. Further studies rest. Jump succumb to fear at the thought will have to continue to stay away from the animals - how to avoid them as I am as guests?? Or a lesson - my English teacher has kotkaSad will now be treated with doxycycline ... Do not think my situation is I am in pink, because 3-4 years drag on e nd and no I was not tested for mycoplasma (ginekolozhka this explained to me that some e-nd have not heard yet !!!). About 10 years is this disease to humans, otherwise I found so far been normal this bastard to live animals. Not asked, however, is there a vaccine for it and how to protect ... Tomorrow I will call her at tel .. As I thought the beginning of my gynecological complaints and the appearance of hair loss coincide in time! And we're together my friend of just over 4 years and 2-3 months ago I often went with them and stayed to sleep. The cat died before 2 years, but ... Bloody vermin! But my hormones are in order. All sex, thyroid! A hair falls I fall - with greasy balls at the root. No wonder it is from this mycoplasma. I'll write mine treatment - 15 days doxycycline. Wait to know what you think in my case!

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